Underwater Fine Art Nudes

This collection of underwater nudes in black and white focuses on the female form and it’s relationship to the texture of the reflections to create abstract and conceptual photographic art. I love to play with the softness of the bodies lines, the deep shadows created by the power of the suns rays and ever changing patterns from the waters movement. Watching this unfold in front of me while holding my breath (no scuba gear was used) treated me to experience first hand the ever changing world that we get only a glimpse of before it’s gone. The series was created to showcase the relationship between the static body and the flowing, moving waters surface.



underwater nude dance pose with girl stretched out and reflected in the water Underwater nude photograph in black and white with girl sitting on stairs with a rippled reflection   underwater close up of the a female nude bending backwards in a dancers pose

underwater reflection of female nude with rings of light around her body  Underwater nude with woman swimming through bubbles

underwater model sitting on the bottom of the pool kissing her reflection with ripples  half in and half out of the water with a model posing nude against a waterfall in a swimming poolbeautiful model underwater wearing a black jacket kissing her reflection in black and white
underwater photo of female nude diving through bubbles coming from her nose

underwater tie dye pattern on a naked fit female body in black and whiteunderwater reflection of a great set of legs and perfect ass leaning against the side of the swimming pool in black and white  underwater art couple swimming and diving together in a dance poseunderwater dancer holding a white sheet reflected in deep water pool  underwater elegant dance pose with naked female holding a white sheetmirror reflection of great legs and bum in fine art underwater photogrpahy  curvy model underwater nude with fishnet patterns on her body  beautiful model making bubbles underwater to cover her naked breasts

How do we shoot underwater nudes?

These were mostly shot in swimming pools at several locations in Myrtle Beach, the plan is to expand the series to the ocean and rivers when the weather warms up. In an effort to remain green and environmentally friendly we did not use any scuba gear, we are all super lucky to have massive lung capacity and can hold our breath for minutes (joking about minutes but we really did free dive and hold our breath)

Technical details of camera equipment used

To shoot underwater we used the Ikelite system with my Nikon D700 and a fixed 20mm prime lens. Each image was edited with Adobe Lightroom with very minor retouching done using Photoshop.

What size prints are available?

Each of these prints is available as an original one off 30×45″ Acrylic print on a metallic paper to create a unique three dimensional once in a lifetime print that will last for generations. Limited edition metallic paper signed prints will also be available, please use the contact form for more information.



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