Carl Kerridge – Artist

As a fine art nude photographer and artist I find inspiration in the natural beauty of the human form. In many ways the nude human body is like a blank canvas of lines and curves that I use to create abstract and conceptual sets of artwork. I have always loved true black and white fine art photography and quite a few of my sets are shot exclusively on film using a variety of cameras from 35mm to medium format and even macro. When I shoot digital I use high end Nikon cameras with prime lenses. My most recent creative set is a series shooting bubbles focusing on models inside and the psychedelic colors created in bold patterns of light. Please enjoy these galleries of my artwork.



Models in Bubbles started as a fun experiment with my kid in the garden one sunny day playing around with some super bubble solution. When i noticed the bubble move in to a shadowy area and could see the mirrored image of my child running to pop the bubble I knew I had to set up my studio and hire some help. After many failed attempts we recreated that sunny day using tiny snooted pro foto spotlights in a completely blacked out studio space with black floors, wall and ceiling. We then added in a large white backdrop for added effect and with an assistant blowing bubbles over a black curtain in to pitch blackness I was ready to start creating my next conceptual and abstract art series. The challenge was working in this very dark room and finding enough of the models reflection to focus on before the bubble floated gently to the floor and popped. I usually work with black and white images but these naturally occurring psychedelic colors really appealed to me so here’s something new. To maximize the color reproduction these will be printed on metallic paper under acrylic and wall mounted sized as either 30×30, 40×040 or 60×60 inch square photo art prints.


Underwater nude with reflection of female model in the ripples


My underwater series titled “the Beauty Beneath”is a study of light, form and reflections. I was recently awarded silver finalist (runner up) with print #9 in the 2021 annual Photo Shoot Awards for conceptual fine art nude photography. I started shooting this series after receiving my dive certification and shooting some underwater commercial images for Ripley’s Aquarium back in 2011. I use my Nikon d700 in an underwater housing and a fixed prime 20mm lens to allow maximum depth of field and wide angles. What I love most are the reflections and play of light and shadow created by the ever changing underwater landscape of light filtering through water. All these shots were taken locally in Myrtle Beach at a variety of outdoor pool locations. These images are printed on metallic paper and acrylic mounted to stand off the wall about an inch which really adds depth to the image and a 3D feel. Each print is sold as an original at the largest size, typically 30×45 inches and as limited editions in smaller sizes.


Black and White fine art photography, BW nude photo, yin yang, reflection in glass, refraction, female form


Refraction launched in November of 2105 as my most successful series to date. It is a return to my film roots, using only one camera and lens (the Fuji 680 GXIII with a 125 mm macro lens) I choose to shoot through another transparent medium, glass, to bend and change the quality of light. My quest for abstract glass and crystal stemware had me searching through consignment shops, antique stores, boutiques and raiding the bar of SeaBlue Restaurant to find the perfect refraction. Each print is available as an original darkroom 20×24 and digitally as a scan of the negative in edition prints.


Greek goddess, Artemis, fine art nudes, nude photography, Black and White nudes


Goddess was an intensely researched series focusing on several of the greek deities and was shot exclusively with Nikon digital cameras. To mix in a new angle from my previous studio based photography work, I shot all these in the natural outdoor settings of South Carolina and Costa Rica. The goddess art series adds my twist to historical figures often represented as statues. The goddesses featured are Gaia, Artemis, Thalasa, Cupid and Psyche, Dryads, The 3 Graces, and the most famous of all Aphrodite. My version of Gaia was recently a finalist in the 2021 Photo Shoot Awards annual fine art nude competition. To add a different quality to the prints each is printed using fuji pearl paper which gives it a slight metallic sheen. Available in a variety of sizes and edition prints.

Body of Light

Reflection, fine art nude photography, black and white, love thyself


Body of Light was my first series dating back to 2004 when I opened my first studio space in Myrtle Beach, SC. The intention was to experiment and play with the shapes and shadows of the nude human body using primarily the female form. Originally it was shot on black and white film using both 35mm and medium format 6×7 with a Mamiya 7 rangefinder. In 2009 I was heavily pursuing the digital movement and switched to create additional pieces. This is an ongoing series and is available in various sizes and edition prints.